Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday Morning in El Salvador

Saturday was packed of activities. Starting with breakfast at a Mexican restaurant. I´m not sure how I feel about Salvadoreans dressed up in typical Mexican restaurant uniforms... But the breakfast itself was very cool. I ended up sitting across the table from a man that used to be an attorney working in private practice in Seatlte but now works in DC for the Washington Office on Latin America doing essentially work that he loves. He spoke of his self realization that he always knew he didn´t want to be an attorney working in litigation. He was sincere and genuine in that he asked me if I was doing what I wanted to do. When I responded, he asked me questions that showed me that he was truly intersted in helping me find a way to where i wanted to be. he gave me several ideas and his card. he also told me that he wished that one day I would get there.

Although the breakfast was personal for me, the tour of the UCA assassination site was very moving. I stook outside the area where the mother and her daughter were killed. I felt the terror that that mother must have felt as she tried to protect her daughter from the inevitable horror that she knew was coming as the armed men pointed their rifles at her.

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