Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leaving for El Salvador

Tomorrow evening a delegation of faculty, staff, Jesuits, students, and alumni from Seattle University will leave Seattle for San Salvador, El Salvador to gather with Salvadorans, members of our Jesuit family worldwide, as well as the Jesuits and our lay colleagues at the University of Central America - San Salvador for the 20th Anniversary and Commemoration of the Martyrdom of the 6 Jesuits, their cook, and her daughter. Many of us remember exactly where we were on November 16, 1989 when the news made its way from El Salvador to the United States. Follow our blog as we reflect on our experiences throughout this pilgrimage of faith.

We remember the martyrs:

Father Ignacio Ellacuría
Father Ignacio Martin-Baro
Father Segundo Montes
Father Amando López
Farther Juan Ramón Moreno
Father Joaquín López y López
Julia Elba Ramos
Celina Mariset

We also remember the people of El Salvador these coming days as they gather again to remember the holy martyrs.

Let us also keep in our prayers the many El Savadoran's who lost their lives and livelihood in the recent hurricane that struck the country last week.

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