Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saludos de El Salvador!

I´m Brian Johnson, SU alumn (o5). Many thanks to Magis and the Alumni organizations for their sponsorship of my trip. The opportunity to build new friendships feels so hopeful for global solidarity. There were processions and museums and a Cardinal and crowds but so far it has been Gabriel that has touched my heart. I´m a musician and brought a guitar in hope of expanding my appreciation for the Salvadoran folk music tradition around all of their martyrs. Gabriel is one of the leaders of Ël Coro de los Martires that has provided music for the last eight years of UCA martyrs commemorations. With open arms and an affirmation to the stage security gards that - This music is for everyone, we must teach our brother - Gabriel ushered me to the guitar section of the band with 7 other players. For the hours of the procession and the Mass I lost myself in the sounds of solidarity in El Salvador. The leaders must have noticed because they gifted me with a copy of their song book with chords. Gabriel, his son Boris the drummer, and his little girl Marelyn had another gift for me: claves (wooden precussion instruments) that Gabriel, a wood worker, had made especially for the event. I will not soon forget my new friends, their music, their hospitality and generosity. And I look forward to sharing their songs with you!

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