Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writing in the Morning ...

Yesterday afternoon one of the members of our Campus Ministry team participated in a webinar entitled: The New Face of Adult Faith Formation: Engaging Today’s Spiritual Seeker. He raved about it. One part of the presentation included more effective ways that religious leaders might reach out to young adults. One of those suggestions included that the pastor write a weekly blog to his congregation. Although, I am not a pastor of sorts, I do happen to be a Jesuit priest who is the Director of Campus Ministry. I also like to write. Yet, I cannot imagine writing one column every week. I would do much better if I had suggested topics. One Jesuit suggested that I ask our campus ministry team what I might write about or I might ask the students who come into our office. I know I have a number of followers on my Facebook as well as a few on this blog site. Would you have topics I might consider writing about? I have started getting up earlier in the morning to take my morning coffee, read the various blogs I subscribe too, sit and take in the beauty outside my window. I could also write a morning reflection … So, I ask all of you, what might be a series of topics I can write on?

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  1. Hello Mike
    I know what I wish more priests would speak about these days! We never hear anything about the Sacraments, about devotions like the Rosary, Benediction, and NEVER EVER anything about the Stations of the Cross. A whole generation of Catholics has grown up with no knowledge of our basic Catholic faith and devotions. Perhaps you could help remedy that through your blog. Whatever you decide to do, I feel certain it will be good so I leave it in your capable hands and, of course, the Good Lord's hands.

    Thanks, Father, and God bless you.