Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What Should I Include in This Blog?

Well, I have given some thought that I should update this blog on a more regular basis. Any thoughts on what I should use this blog for would be greatly appreciated. I do enjoy writing and often receive many positive accolades for the homilies I publish on Facebook. I have often thought it might be worthwhile to write about the daily joys and tribulations of a Director of Campus Ministry. I can certainly include these the homilies as well as the reflections as Director of Campus Ministry ... any other thoughts from folks on what else I could use this blog for? Would be interested in any thoughts!


  1. There's so many varied ministries at CM in general, from the mission treks to retreat life. Perhaps asking your fellow colleagues to contribute and share the exciting things going on in the office? Or just to promote the ministries themselves and why we should care.

    Hope the blogging goes well!

  2. Hello
    What should your blog be about? Well, from the excellent homily you posted in your previous post, I would sugggest that you post your homilies. However, I kind of think that anything you write would be pretty good. Just keep on blogging - and often! God bless you.